It’s December now and if you are anything like me that means your schedule is packed. If ever there was a time of year that we feel there just isn’t enough time in the day it’s the Holidays. With family gatherings, work gatherings, school events, church events, and Holiday shopping who has time for anything else? Let alone time to think about Selling your home

If you answered “NOT ME!” you are not alone. That is exactly why December could be the best time to Sell Your Home.

According to the Northwest MLS the further into the Winter months we go the “ more we’ll start feeling the typical seasonal drop when new listings coming on the market decline by 50 percent on a monthly basis compared to spring and summer months.”

So what does that mean for you? Less Competition! Think of it this way if you go into your favorite electronics store to buy a new computer and they have 5 models all with the features that you are looking for which one are you going to buy? The cheapest right? It’s a no-brainer. Now let’s say you go into the same store but only one of the 5 models with the features you want is in stock. Are you going to care if it wasn’t the cheapest one? Well if you don’t really need a new computer than sure. You might wait a few weeks or months and check back. However if your current computer is broke or obsolete and you need a new one now, you are going to buy that computer regardless of the price being a little higher.

You See Buyers are still out there. In fact there are many buyers who have been looking for months and may have even put in offers only to lose out to another buyer. They are looking forward to December because they know that all of the Buyers who are not really serious are going to stop looking during the Holidays. They are just too busy. So that leaves the serious buyers in a position to have less competition and leaves you in a position of being the only “ computer” in stock. It’s a Win-Win. This leaves you in a prime position to bring in one of those serious buyers while everyone else waits until after the Holidays to sell their home.

Just think, come this spring when everyone puts their homes up for sell at the same time (essentially re-stocking the inventory), you could already be relaxing in your new home, possibly having made a nice profit from selling your old home in December.

One final note. Do you decorate your home for the Holidays? For many of us our homes never look better than they do during the Holiday season. What a perfect time to show off your home to perspective buyers! Let them experience that warm and comfy feeling that you have with your home during the Holidays. That way they can start picturing themselves living there during the Holidays.

If you have been thinking of selling, Now may be the perfect time!